YabaYobo: 2014 Valentine Bliss

Hearts and tons of this lovey dovey posts and gifts starts to come up and appear in every ones news feeds, articles and so on and so forth,  as February 14 sets and still every one has this hang over even if the day had already passed. People just can't get enough of that"special day". To some it might be just another ordinary day, but it has been a custom around the world to give a more "special day" to show our compassion, love and all sort of gestures to show and appreciate all the love in the world that there is.

That day just started to be another greatest day because I'm still alive and still be able to experience the love of the people around me. That's why I am very thankful to the Lord because of His love for me He hat given me that chance once again. 

Valentine Bliss #1: "I love you"
From the moment I woke up, I thanked the Lord for the blessings and the love that I always receive from Him. And then I greeted my Nanay a "Happy V-day" with a warm hug. Then I started to make annoyingly wake up my sister and kept on greeting her as Nanay also help me with the help of Tutty (our youngest member of the family who acts as if she is all human too). Then the the more that I was really blissful that morning is that Tatay never failed to make me all mushy and teary of his surprises. He texted me, "Happy  Hearts Day my lovely princess. Love you po. From your King Tatay." and from there I just can't help but called him immediately and greeted him as well. That's why I really love my family because of how we are still be able to have this close bond even to this very day. We might have our downfalls but we stills tick together no matter what. I love them and I'm thankful. I also received a cute and sweet message from my Yobo as well that made my day too.

Since it's Valentines, I also got to spend the day with my boyfriend. And we are just one of those couples that will surely celebrate that very day, but loving each other more doesn't stop only for just this 14th day of February, because we always see that everyday is another day given to us by God to love each other more and more. So Yobo and I were really having this dilemma on how we will be able to make this day somewhat extraordinary yet we don't want to be all cliche and too much cheesy as well. We just wanted it to be simple as possible and added some twists to make it more extraordinary in the end.

Valentine Bliss #2: Movie date.
Yes, some might have had this on their list as well. Yobo and I were supposed to watch "Starting Over Again" but the only problem was that the cinema for this said movie was a "full house", so we then decided to try another movie. Robocop! We also wanted to watch this one and haven't had the time to watch it because of our busy schedules and other activities. It was a good movie and we just can't  stop saying "cool" and trying to mimic the sound effects. It was also a movie that made me remember my childhood years and how me and my Tatay.

Valentine Bliss #3: Eat All You Can
It is a "Special Day", promos and as well as buffet are all around the place. Since we almost got to try every restos here in our place. Yobo and I decided to try something different. We never got try to really try "eat all you can" as couple yet so we decided to do it on that day.

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Our ticket to full stomach!
Mister Crab! Yes, we landed on a place just near my home. They usually provide a buffet every Wednesday. It was really a good place and as well as the ambiance was also welcoming and they were also able to put on a romantic motif one way or another. Since V-day was on Friday, they've decided and  added something new to their usual. 

Here some photos if you might be wondering how the place looks like. Since from it's name the place will be a port or has a under the sea themes as well for it's interior.

Cute little sharkie to guard the buffet 
The ceiling that looks like a bigger version of a fish net

And thus we got to use our tickets and be able to avail a good dinner that made our tummies to nearly burst.
Blue iced tea for me and the original for him
First round of our buffet.

Valentine Bliss #3: Tokens of love.
We promised not give each other something on this day, but since we are both hard headed one way or another that we still managed to give simple tokens. So I got to have heart shaped token while he got to have this candy like token from me. 

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An Ideal Boyfriend would give you tons and dozens of flowers and chocolates on Valentines Day, 
but a Real Boyfriend would give you something that you 
truly love and passionately love doing and support you all the way.

He just always manages to sweep me off my feet every now and then. It just makes me so happy whenever he supports me in what I love and what I do best. He manages to always be one of the cheerleaders (and I bet he'll def look hot as one) to boost me in my first love - Art. 

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His token of love for me.
A cutie patootie pop-up card with his hadwritten message in it.

Once you opened the heart. He filled it with tons and tons of my favorite milk chocolate Flat Tops. Which he manages to supply me every now and then whenever it is already consumed. He also fills that jar which he gave me last Christmas.
What's inside the heart.

What under the chocolates is what made me happiest. UniPin! About six pieces of them <3
What made me blissful even more.

Valentine Bliss #4: Yobo
Well this day would have been possible if without this guy whom made me so blissful. Even though he hates on facing the camera, he would def do it just for me. I just can't contain every bit of happiness I share with this guy. I'm just so blessed and will keep loving him in every bit.

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And that's how my 14th of February went - so far. Happy Hearts Day everyone! Hope you had a blast as well and continue to spread and share your love not just on that day but everyday as long as you live. <3

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"Love is in the air" month again! Yes, it is the month and the time of the year where people tend to make such a big fuss about this 14th of February. Couples (the love birds and lovey-dovies) enjoy this kind of day as to where they tend to make it more extraordinary to celebrate, while others (who are "unfortunately" single "as-of-this-moment") tends to curse this day and be bitter as it passes. But to think, it's just another ordinary day just made special. 

But putting the kid aside, we are always in a dilemma on what to give or what to come up with, just to make this day to be another "special one", to say and express our love to our family, friends and more over for that "Special Someone". Well, fear no more! You might want to consider getting them something that is new and as well as something that might be useful and mostly memorable.

My Yobo asked me what do I want for V-day, and well so many "fantasies" comes into my mind yet I haven't given him any hint, for I too am, is having difficulties on what to do to surprise him once again. Luckily, our friends from FILED! were so generous enough to spare my sister one (1) Flip Folder and  one (1) File Folder for me. It gave me the idea on what to "knock my boyfriend". Aren't they amazing and cool? Worry no more for me.

At first, I was really having lots of ideas and something new to give my boyfriend for Valentines' Day. And since everything just starts to be cliché and just so "overrated" that I really tried to convince myself on coming with up with something extraordinary. I'm just really excited as well since red had already been my new hue that I was really just so overwhelm with lots of love. 

So I then come up with a compilation portfolio of me and Yobo. With the help of FILED, that will def be possible. And the good thing about this is that you can reminisce every moment you shared with that "loved one" of yours. It just serves like as those of the scrapbooks but with a little twist. So here's something that you too want to try as well with your friends, family and "special someone" too.

Compilation Portfolio
Cute personalized covers.
Since it's love month, red is a good motif, but you too can have different set of hues the way you want it. I'm starting with this project about me and Yobo that I decided to make a compilation portfolio of ourselves. Just like a biography but something that we really love doing in our life. The way we enjoy things and the way we find life more lovable each day as given by God. So to start with that project I decided to make our personalized covers to identify which is which.

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Once you open the File Folder, there are this sets of little pockets. Since Yobo and I are still different and unique individuals, we each have our designated pockets to fill up with the things each of us love. So that it will really be easy for us to identify and as well as to categorize things and stuff with one's obsession and to avoid any necessary conflict with the things we hate. And this will really be useful specially in the future that if ever you want to give something for your  loved ones during a special occasion, this will definitely be handy!

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If there are things that we love individually then definitely there are also things and stuff that we two love to do, to have and to achieve. The fun about this is that you get to plan and to set some goals as well. The more exciting it will be with the person you really want to do such things. The fun and creative part about this File Folder as well is that this part is detachable too. So it will be definitely be handy if you want to bring this during the fulfillment of your goals and adventures. This doesn't only serves as for all the "mushy stuff" to fill up but to be a "bucket list" as well. An all-in-one purpose!

One of my favorite verses in the Bible.

The File Folder as have this cool and very cute notebook that you can fill up with your thoughts or even to fill it up with your favorite quotes, verses or lyrics that you always live by. So that every time you open this, you will always be reminded.  You can also try to do some other personalized lettered quotations, doodles or whatsoever suits you. It will also set as your reminders and goal drafts as well. Or it can also be another chapter to be filled up on how your day goes as you fill up the File Folders with tons of memories with it's matching envelopes to.

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And viola! With all the steps combined, you'll be arriving in this cute, and sweet V-day gift before, on-the-day or a post to be received by your loved ones. It is a new twist that the person you love can share and also enjoy since you two get to do some stuff out of the ordinary and also get to be creative one way or the other to really make it fun as it can be.

I can't wait for me and Yobo to fill this up with lots of memories, stories, photos and random stuff we love about our life and with each other. This will definitely be another chapter in our story together.

You too can have a more exciting, creative, fun and memorable Valentines Day as well with FILED! They just never runs out of stuff to make your creative side shines brightly. And what's even great is that FILED is giving a 30% discount on ALL FILED products until the 21st of February! :) The more chances to give your loved ones and "special someones" tons of good FILED products so what are you waiting for?

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Happy Hearts Day and continue to spread, sprinkle and share the love and be FILED-cified ♥♥

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